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18 March 2023
New guest announcement & update

Simon Phipps is a programmer, sprite graphics artist, and designer, known for his work on Rick Dangerous, one of Core Design's most famous platformers. During the Sunday programme, he will share insights about his experience in the industry while working on classic Amiga titles such as Bubba 'n' Stix, Dragonstone, Switchblade, and Wolf Child. Hello […]

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26 February 2023
Tickets On Sale

We appreciate the immense support received so far for the event! The response has been overwhelming. Tickets are now available for the general public, and we're excited to bring large scale Amiga events back to the UK. We'll be updating the website later this week and will also be appearing on AmigaBill's stream tonight to […]

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17 February 2023
Venue Announcement

We have finally reached the point where we can publicly announce the venue. We have been working closely with the staff at Meadow lane to ensure this event goes as smoothly as possible. With their great experience in delivering events, we feel this is the ideal venue to restart something like this in the UK. […]

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21 October 2022
Site Live and Venue Booking

The site is now live and being improved on a weekly basis. New sections will be added detailing more of the event, booking information for exhibitiors and exciting news! In the meantime please sign up to the newsletter and we will let you know about all the developments. The next stage is booking a venue, […]

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Kickstart - Uk Amiga Expo

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