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15 April 2023

Full Guest Lineup and Timetable

Exciting News! Our Full Guest Lineup and Timetable are Finally Here!
 We are thrilled to unveil the highly-anticipated list of speakers and special guests who will be joining us at Kickstart 01. Get ready for an unforgettable experience, as we have curated an impressive lineup of Amiga developers who will offer captivating insights and engage in lively conversations.  
A Sensible chat with Jops! 
We are thrilled to announce that we will be joined on stage by Jon Hare of Sensible Software for a totally sensible on stage discussion. He will be joining our team of renowned developers will be sharing his experiences and insights on a range of Sensible titles, including the iconic Cannon Fodder and SWOS. We might even get a tune or two out of him at the afterparty. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! 
Also many guests and vendors with more to come! 

David Pleasance - Commodore UK
Trevor Dickinson - A-eon Technology
Mike Battilana - Cloanto
Neil Thomas - RmcRetro and The Cave
The Akiko32 Hardware project
Nivrig Nivrig Games
DJ H0ffman
Many Amiga user groups such as RHAGSWAGSAGYAG and NAG


Amiga Addict
Civitas Nihilium
Pure Amiga
Retro Passion
The Retro Hour

Check out the full Timetable here https://www.amigashow.com/programme/
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