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10 June 2023

The Show Is approaching!

 We are filled with immense excitement as we approach the show! Behind the scenes, extensive planning and preparations have been underway, and we are eager to keep you updated on all the latest developments.  

Great news! Saturday tickets are sold out with 300 attendees, but Sunday tickets are still available for plenty of Amiga goodness.
 Unfortunately, Mev Dinc won't be able to attend the event. We hopefully will be able to see him next year. However, we have an exciting alternative guest lined up for Sunday! Alex Trowers from Bullfrog will be joining us. As a level designer for PowerMonger, Populous 2, and Syndicate, we cannot wait to her an insiders story of Bullfrog that is sure to be fascinating.
We have some updates regarding the trader room. The layout will undergo adjustments and will be released closer to the event date. We regret to inform you that Pure Amiga will no longer be exhibiting. However, we have an incredibly exciting alternative in store for you. Introducing the one-of-a-kind 'Disk Copying Station' operated and sponsored by the amazing Retro.Directory. Don't forget to bring your USB or floppy disks along for this special experience!
We are thrilled to unveil the layout for the community room. This particular space holds great significance for us, as it is dedicated to the vibrant community that has played a crucial role in keeping the Amiga alive. The user groups in the UK, in particular, have been instrumental in fostering interest and fun around the system. Unlike the more formal "trader hall," the community room aims to provide a relaxed environment where attendees can engage in conversations, participate in activities, and foster a sense of togetherness. As the show continues to grow, our vision is for the community room to evolve into a unique space that brings user groups together, ensuring a special experience for everyone involved.

We are also massively pleased to feature on the Cover of Amiga Addict magazine, this month we will also be hitting local press in the city and hope to get some further fantastic coverage!

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