2024-6-29 00:00:00 GMT-10:00 until KS02


18 March 2023

New guest announcement & update

Simon Phipps is a programmer, sprite graphics artist, and designer, known for his work on Rick Dangerous, one of Core Design's most famous platformers. During the Sunday programme, he will share insights about his experience in the industry while working on classic Amiga titles such as Bubba 'n' Stix, Dragonstone, Switchblade, and Wolf Child.

Hello everyone! It's time for an update. We're excited to begin our media campaign to advertise Amiga Addict, Amiga Future and other outlets with our amazing poster by 3D artist Paul Kitching. Keep an eye out for our material and please spread the word about the event. Let's make it huge!  

Ticket sales have been going really well, and we've already reached the halfway point. The afterparty is officially sold out due to capacity, but if you're struggling to find a ticket, we hope that some spares and cancellations will become available.

Next year, we plan to increase capacity as the demand has been really high for this part of the show.  

The usergroup section is being organized by the relevant groups. If you want to bring a machine, please contact your local group, and we'll see if there's space available.  

We've finalized the layout for the entire event, and traders have already signed up. We can announce that big stalls will be present from Checkmate and Amiga Kit. More trader announcements will be coming soon on social media.

We're also pleased to announce that more companies are onboard and supporting the show via our sponsorship.
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