2024-6-29 00:00:00 GMT-10:00 until KS02


UK Commodore Amiga show 29-30 June 2024

Special Guests

STOO CAMBRIDGE - Former Sensible Software artist. Known for Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer.
PETE CANNON - is a chart-topping music producer who creates award-winning tunes using an Amiga computer.
TONY WARRINER - Former Video Game Designer at Revolution Software, known for Beneath A Steel Sky and Lure of the Temptress.
JOHN SHAWLER - will be hosting the event and there will be a live recording of the Amigos Podcast at Kickstart.
+ More TBC


Amiga Addict
Amigakit Ltd
David Pleasance
Days of Thunder Gaming
Digital Retro Bay
Immortal Joysticks
Retro Collective
Retro Hour
Retro Passion
Retro Supplies
Guests & Speakers
Kickstart Merchandise
+ More TBC


Norwich Amiga Group
Scottish Amiga Group
Robin Hood Amiga Group
West Midlands Amiga Group
Midlands Amiga Enthusiasts
ctrl_alt_rees (Atari protoypes)
Rob Smith (Floppy disk cleaning station)
Retro Collective
TX-1696(Zx Spectrum Next)
Nottingham Videogame Expo
CRG (YouTube channel)
+ More TBC


DAVID WISE - Experience the enchanting world of the famous video game music with composer David Wise & guests
PETE CANNON- Award-winning producer Pete Cannon will showcase his unique blend of hardcore, drum and bass, and jungle music in a headline DJ set.
H0FFMAN - He will be live mixing on Amiga computers using his very own software PT1210.
VOGUE RENEGE - will perform a unique synthwave show at Kickstart, powered by Amiga.

Amiga Trader Hall

Community Space

Dedicated talks Room


2 Day Expo

800 Amiga Fans!

5 Music Acts

6 live stage talks

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