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21 October 2022

Site Live and Venue Booking

The site is now live and being improved on a weekly basis. New sections will be added detailing more of the event, booking information for exhibitiors and exciting news!

In the meantime please sign up to the newsletter and we will let you know about all the developments.

The next stage is booking a venue, we are aiming to have 2 venues. One for the main show and one for the party. Hopefully the venue will be booked up and fully confirmed by the end of Feb and then the tickets will be on sale and date confirmed.

2 comments on “Site Live and Venue Booking”

  1. Is there a ticket specifically for the live music at the navigation or is that free to get in?


    1. Hi Alex, If your referring to the pre-drinks at the canal house that will be a pub meet up.
      The afterparty at Liquid Light is a paid for gig and currently all sold out.
      Like any gig a ticket is required for entry due to licensing. Thanks

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