2024-6-29 00:00:00 GMT-10:00 until KS02


KS02: the afterparty

A videogame music night is organised for 350/400 people at the Saltbox Bar. Four acts over five hours.

David Wise, renowned as one of the best videogame composers in the world, will be playing live with special guests. The rest of the night will feature Amiga performances, starting with Vouge Renege, followed by a PT1210 drum and bass set by demoscene legend H0ffman. Finally, the night will end with a high-energy rave featuring modern producer Pete Cannon, who incorporates retro tech into his productions.

 Main dancefloor & bar + 2 glassed off lounges for chatting and chilling 9PM - 2AM

David Wise

Step into the enchanting world of video game music with legendary composer David Wise & guests! Join us for a mesmerising music event from the rhythmic beats of Donkey Kong Country to the melodies of Battletoads. Experience gaming nostalgia and musical brilliance. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the maestro in action!

pete Cannon

Award-winning producer,  Pete Cannon will be dropping a headline DJ set. Pete has officially remixed The Prodigy, Altern-8 and has a show on Kool FM. Hes created music for brands such as Adidas, Apple, and David Beckham. Prepare to be blown away by his unique blend of old-school and new-school hardcore, drum and bass, and jungle music.


Vogue Renege is a musician from Birmingham, UK who has a passion for synthesizers and vintage computers. They will be performing live at Kickstart for the second time. If you attend, you can expect to hear a distinctive synthwave performance with live vocals reminiscent of Gary Numan and the classic British synth era all powered by Amiga.


Hoffman is a legendary DJ and demoscene coder. He will be live mixing on Amiga computers using his very own software PT1210.  Part of the legendary TBL (The Black Lotus) demo group, he has produced soundtracks for some of the biggest demos, including Eon. You can expect to hear remixes, new tunes, and heavy basslines. Get ready to for it to be 'Way too rude'.
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