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17 February 2023

Venue Announcement

We have finally reached the point where we can publicly announce the venue. We have been working closely with the staff at Meadow lane to ensure this event goes as smoothly as possible. With their great experience in delivering events, we feel this is the ideal venue to restart something like this in the UK.

With this event, we are testing the waters and seeing how it works budget-wise and demand-wise. We have limited the capacity to 300 per day. We are aiming to increase this for future events depending on how successful the first show is. It's a very hard time in the UK with rising inflation and we are aiming to make this event a decent price for everybody. Cheap parking, food and drinks have been something we have been working on and arranging with the venue to make it an easier decision for people to come along.

Tickets will be released in chunks to ensure everybody has the ability to get one. Areas like parking, free children's tickets etc will be limited due to capacity but we hope what we have arranged will balance out well.

Tickets will go on public sale on this site during Amiga Bills Twitch Stream on - 26th Feb @ 7.30pm. The organiser will also be answering any questions you have regarding the event and some special announcements will be made.

2 comments on “Venue Announcement”

  1. For those who aren't Notts County fans, which, to be honest, is virtually everyone, at least state that Meadow Lane is a football stadium in Nottingham.

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