2024-6-29 00:00:00 GMT-10:00 until KS02


KS02 Amiga Expo

The expo spans two days and features three large halls: one for the community, one for traders, and one for talks.
The Traders hall brings together many amiga retailers and creative outlets with new products and announcements. Enabling you to try out the products, get special deals and not pay for postage and packaging

Meadow Lane Football Stadium, the home of the oldest football club in the world, Notts County. 

The venue has three spacious suites available which can host up to 400 people, with 150 daytime parking spots.

When it comes to refreshments, there is a full food menu available that caters to vegetarians as well. Attendees can enjoy burgers, chips, and hotdogs while at the expo. Moreover, there is a fully stocked bar that serves San Miguel, Guinness, local brew, and Carlsberg at reasonable prices.


There are plenty of parking options available in Nottingham city centre. Moreover, we are selling 150 parking tickets across the road from the venue. 

The tickets will only be valid for the duration of the day and not for overnight parking. This option is more cost-effective as compared to the multistory car parking.
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