Frequently asked questions

Kickstart is a new and exciting event that aims to bring back a national Amiga event to the UK after several years. It is a unique combination of a user group event and a trade show, centered around all things Amiga!

The event consists of two main parts: the Expo, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday and feature exhibitors, traders, Amiga user groups, and guest speakers. It promises to offer everything you would expect from a national Amiga event.

In addition to the Expo, there will be a separate ticketed event called the Recap Party on Saturday night. It will be held at a local brewery within walking distance from the Expo, and will feature performers and DJs using Amigas and other retro equipment to create a unique and exciting experience. Please note that this event is only open to those over the age of 18.
Can I bring my Children?
Making the expo family-friendly is very important to us - we're all a bit older now! Children under 15 years of age can enter for free with a limited number of free child tickets available. However, please note that the ReCap Party is an 18+ only event.
Will there be a meal or vip event?
There won't be a VIP meal or event at Kickstart. We believe that every attendee should have equal access to everything the event has to offer. Nottingham has a diverse selection of food outlets and restaurants to cater to everyone's preferences and dietary requirements, so we encourage attendees to arrange meals with their community outside of the event.
Food and drink will be available to purchase at the expo and the Recap party.

Can I bring my amiga?
While there is a limited number of Amigas that can be brought and used/displayed in the user group section, please refer to the website or your local user group for details. You may also bring your Amiga for repair at the event, but please note that we cannot be responsible for it or provide storage.
Is this event a one off?
Our goal is to establish Kickstart as an annual event catering to Amiga enthusiasts. Through a self-sustaining model, we hope to create a consistent and eagerly anticipated fixture on the Amiga event calendar.
is this event amiga only?
The event is primarily centered around the celebration of the Amiga and the beauty of hardware limitation in digital culture. However, users of other systems are welcome to attend, and there will be a variety of events planned that will be related to the Amiga in some way.
What's the disabled access like?
We are committed to making the event accessible to everyone. To this end, we will have disabled facilities available, including accessible toilets and lifts. We will provide more specific information on the accessibility of the venue once it has been secured.
Why choose the summer?
We have planned the event during the summer season to prevent any potential conflicts with other Amiga events. The venue will have a well-stocked bar with a variety of drink options available.
Absolutely, photography is allowed and we encourage you to capture your experience at the event. However, we recommend that you seek permission from others before taking their picture or recording them. We want everyone to feel comfortable and respected at the event.
Who's organising kickstart?
The event is organised by Ravi Abbott working with UK user groups SWAG, RHAG, NAG and others such as Amiga Addict Magazine. Also thanks to our supporters Retro32 for the hosting this site and A-Eon and Amigakit, Terrible Fire, Cloanto and many others.
What are the venues Policies?
Notts County Football Club has a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of abusive or offensive language/behaviour towards, staff, spectators, players and other guests. This includes racist, homophobic, misogynistic and any other form of abusive language or behaviour. Guests will be requested to leave if they become offensive or abusive.
We can assist with the storage of equipment etc but does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which occurs.

Kickstart - Uk Amiga Expo

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